DSCF0008I have used remedies and been interested in becoming a homeopath for over 20yrs.  I graduated from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, based in Bristol, in 2010 after four years training. I have found it to be extremely effective in all situations, first aid, acute conditions, chronic conditions and across all age ranges.

I have successfully used it on my family pets and with their parents’ permission for common childhood ailments for my grandchildren. My own children (now grown up) have also used it successfully in a variety of conditions from hay fever, the usual coughs & colds, post – surgical support, through to postnatal support and common breastfeeding complaints.

My background as a psychiatric nurse, before the birth of my children, informs my choice to use homeopathy as ‘integrated medicine’ that helps & supports the wellbeing of the whole person alongside conventional medical treatment. As such I will actively encourage patients to see their GP’s if the condition/complaint that I see them for indicates that this is the best course of action for them. I look forward to the day when GP’s and Homeopaths working together, in conjunction with other Complementary Treatments is commonplace and the norm not an exception.

feather blueI am passionate about helping people to maintain optimum health & wellbeing and believe that Homeopathy is the sensible way to achieve this as it treats the person and not the disease.

I am available to give talks to small groups who would like to know more about homeopathy / the training involved as well as what the profession involves.

My other interests include, music (trying to learn to play the harp!), reading, history, visiting the cinema & theatre, natural history & wildlife and knitting. I also love listening to storytelling, which is just as well as my husband is a storyteller.

I look forward to meeting you soon and helping to support your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.