Why is it Called Gentle Homeopathy

My name is Sheila Cooper and I am so pleased that you have decided to look at my Website.

Homeopathy is a complementary form of medicine that is a safe, gentle and effective way of helping to trigger the body into healing itself.

The remedies given are very dilute and therefore non-toxic and so patients do not suffer side effects.

Homeopathy can help;

  • With many different problems affecting us throughout our lives.
  • Strengthen our immune systems.
  • By working very well alongside conventional medicine.

Evidence for Homeopathy


This animation explains some of the reasons that millions of people  choose homeopathy as a healthcare treatment, and why you too might find it helpful.

This animation helps to explain what happens when you visit a homeopath and receive individualised treatment from a professional, registered homeopath.

This animation helps to explain what individualised homeopathic treatment is all about, and how it could be the safe, gentle and non-toxic healthcare choice you’ve been looking for.